The Schubertiades

The teachers of the Conservatory


Piano, electric guitar and theory teacher

Director of the Conservatoire les Schubertiades

Josée Asselin holds a Masters degree in musicology as well as bachelors in technical writing (musical analysis & theory) from the University of Montreal. At the same time she has had training in classical singing given by Fernande Chiocchio and training in classical piano under Marie-Hélène Rondot. She has also done University studies in cognitive sciences in language. As well as in science (mathematics, economics, & computer science). Furthermore she has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Montreal for the music analysis and music harmony classes.

She has been teaching piano for the last ten years; and has followed a teaching philosophy of being demanding in quality and pleasure at the same time. Her students have always given outstanding performances in public concerts and have been praised by the judges in events like the Bravissimo competition of La Prairie where several of them have received gold medals. She is also a member of the Quebec Association of Music Teachers.

Kamilya KlopovaVoice, piano, and musical awakening teacher

Born in Kazakhstan within a family of musicians,  Kamilya starts her musical studies at four years-old.    She studies the piano for 11 years, and at fifteen years-old she enters college to study musicology.    She also obtains a PhD in fine arts while studying the voice in parallel.

During her career as a voice teacher, Kamilya has been teaching to students of various ages.  Many of her students are pursuing musical studies in american and european universities and some have professional careers as singers.    She moved in Quebec five years ago where she underwent undergraduate studies at Université de Montréal in voice.   She regularly performs on stages across the province.

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