The Schubertiades

Conservatory of music


The goal of the Schubertiades Conservatory of Music is to help its students discover the fundamentals of music through practicing with instruments as well as learning the theory and literature of music. This would thus give them the opportunity to share their passion for music with other people. For instance through pre-concerts, concerts, advanced classes etc.

The courses are for all ages, and students may choose between three types of training: a recreational program, an elite program and a program specifically created for adults and senior citizens. The diverse programs taught at the Conservatory allows for flexible and personalized teaching adapted to each student.

The musical programs used are the same as at the Vincent d’Indy music school and the Royal Music Conservatory of Toronto. These programs offer a learning plan based on nine, eleven, even twelve years. Every year has its own specific objectives for success. This includes instrument technique (scales, arpeggios, and plays) and theoretical material. An annual exam with a teacher associated with the program determines if the objectives have been reached, and if the student may proceed to the next level. The exams are optional depending on the program chosen by the student.

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